Monday, September 29, 2014

My reply to Janice

Two weeks ago, I get wonderful message from Janice H.K.  But I had very busy crazy days, and I didn't answered... I was thinking about it all the time... And today I had a minute a tryied answer. But unfourtunatelly the e-mail still returned to me, like the e-mail adress didn't exist. But I really need you to know, Janice, that I answered. That your message brighted my day :-)


My private message to Janice H. K.:

Hi Janice,
please accept my apologies for delay with my response. I am lost in my e-mails, I guess ...

Thank you very much for your wonderful message. I was really moved, when I read it. I am so glad you like my work :-)

I am so happy, that even I can not speak English very well, you understand me. Sometimes, I just need to tell something about my creations. Trying to write it most understandable I can.

You know, the life isn't always funny and colorful and sometimes - there is only black and gray around... But the hope and the will to change something is that, what makes our lives more colorful and gives new power. And my work is all about it - be positive, raise the head, when the life isn't easy, work hard and believe that the world is colorful and nice place (although all bad things what happening around). I am just trying to give some light and make something what bright our days :-)

Thank you very much for your words again. They warmed my heart :-)

With warm greetings,


Sometimes, my dears, you wrote me so wonderful letters, messages, comments.... Thank you very much for all that words. I just need you to know, that even I didn't reply to all of you (because it isn't in my forces) - your words stay inside of me and give the sense of my work 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little flirting..

... with my sewing machine LOL!

School time begins and my baby girl needs an apron. Sooo I found some fabrics when she was sleeping and sew the apron. This was surprise for her. I made it during the night. It should be quick project. But finally I was finished at 2.30 AM, because my sewing machine was broken and I finished it with my hands ... When I cleaned up, I noticed, that my sewing machine goes well again... hm :-). I was so curious, how she would like it. And she was very happy to found it in the morning - oooooo, I am happy mommy :-)


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ms. Lavender - the witch

Hi there,
when I designed my first witch in 2012 I was very happy. I named her Dobromila - in translation it means the lady, who loves and makes the good. This doll is very special for me. I still remember every tiny detail I made, when I was creating her. I still remember, that I was like in the trance, I can not stop working on it, until I was done. And I was so impatient and curious, if she will look like I dreamt about her. Because I saw her only in my head before ... and then the shy sketch on my paper. I can not stop thinking on it... Oh, how happy was I, when I finished this creation! I remember, that after then I sat and watched at her maybe more the one hour, and looked on all that details. Like we met for first time... :-) I remember the battle of me and my camera we had together, when I took this picture. It took two days. I wrote the poem about this witch, with a good heart and goodness in her eyes (only in my native language - I am sorry :-)). Yes, this creation is very special for me.

Crochet witch

And time has come and in these days I finished my new witch - Dobromila's younger sister. And it is very special moment for me again, because this witch will belong to someone unique, who is very close and important for me .... :-)

So, please meet my new witch. Her name is Ms. Lavender. Because it is her favorite smell. The sunny is shining, the hot summer day and the smell of the lavender is everywhere. I know, that summer is already over, but when I close my eyes I still feel it :-) And a little bit of that sunny evening mood is hidden inside her. She is less decorated as Dobromila, but it is because I would like to adjust to style of friend of mine. But I think, she didn't lost anything of her beauty.

Crochet witch

Crochet witch

Crochet witch

Crochet witch

Crochet witch

Crochet witch

My supervisor during shooting :-)


If you would like to make your own witch. The pattern is ready.

Crochet witch

 I wish you nice weekend! :-)

Lavender from our garden

Monday, September 1, 2014

The wish :-)

Ok, the summer holiday ends today definitely. This summer passed sooooooo quickly. My little girl is schoolgirl now and I was moved and happy, when I was seeing her sitting at school desk! She looked sooo happy there! We enjoyed wonderful day together :-)

I wish you and your miracles succesfull new school year  :-)!

Crochet heart pattern

And what was your first school day? Did you enjoyed it? Except these pleasant mommy's duties I worked also. I am working on autumn collection very intensively and after long time, I took the needles in my hands and tested new material. I am very satisfied with this new material and I am really impatient to tell you all about it :-) Until then just one easy and quick project, which I really like - crocheted heart :-) Especially this one I made for my dear friend Petra :-) I wrote the pattern of this heart also, you could find it here.

I wish you wonderful week!